Engagement Ring Settings: How to Choose the Perfect Setting for Your Diamond

Engagement Ring Settings: How to Choose the Perfect Setting for Your Diamond

 An engagement ring is not just a piece of jewellery; it is a symbol of your intention to commit, and promise to love this person forever. It is something that will be cherished for a lifetime and hopefully become a family heirloom. When choosing an engagement ring, one of the most important decisions to make is selecting the perfect setting for the stone. Here's a guide on how to choose the perfect setting for your diamond or gemstone engagement ring.

Understanding the different types of settings

There are lots of different types of engagement ring settings, each with it's own style and advantages. Some of the most popular settings are listed below. It's also important to understand that setting types (claw channel etc) can be combined into the same style of engagement ring.  For example you can have a claw set solitaire (single stone) diamond ring, with claw set shoulder stones, or the same style with channel set shoulder stones.  We'll go into this in more detail later.  First, let's look at the actual ways a stone can be set into a ring mount.

a) Claw Setting ; This setting is perhaps the most familiar in an engagement ring.  It features claws or prongs that are positioned around the edge of the stone, and bent over to hold the stone in place.  There are usually 4 or 6 claws to hold a single solitaire diamond in it's setting.. A claw setting is a popular choice because it allows the maximum amount of light to enter the stone, enhancing its brilliance and sparkle.

example of a 4 claw set solitaire diamond ringexample of claw set princess cut diamond ring


b) Bezel Setting; This setting features a metal rim (bezel) surrounding the stone, all around the edges.  It offers more protection for the stone, and is recommended for more active lifestyles.  It's considered a modern contemporary design, even though it's actually an ancient way to set stones, dating back to the Egyptians.

 example of a bezel set mens engagement ring

c) Channel Setting; A channel setting is a ring setting used mainly for wedding bands or eternity rings. It can be used in the shoulder settings of some other styles of rings.  Small diamonds are set between gold, platinum or silver channels, to hold them securely in place. The diamonds are level with the surface of the ring, providing a smooth and elegant look. It is a popular choice for those who want to add some sparkle to their wedding ring without the stones protruding from the surface.

example of a men's channel set diamond wedding ring     example of a gold ladies channel set diamond wedding ring

So now you know about the ways diamonds can be set into metal, we can look at the actual engagement ring mount styles.  There are 4 popular styles of engagement ring mounts, that each have their own variations.  They are Solitaire engagement rings, Trilogy engagement rings, Cluster engagement rings, and Halo engagement rings, which are really a variation on cluster rings.  You can choose which style you like best, as we can supply each diamond shape in three different settings for you.

What Diamond Shape Do You Like?

The shape of the diamond will play a big role in determining the best setting for your engagement ring. For example, a round diamond may look best in a classic claw setting, while an emerald-cut diamond may look better in a sleek bezel setting. 

diamond shapes and cuts

Engagement Ring Setting Styles

Solitaire Setting;  This setting features a single large diamond as the basis for the engagement ring.  It can be accented with shoulder stones, but the central 'Solitaire' is the star of this show.  Solitaire diamond engagement rings are classic and no fuss, they are simple and stunning.  Most diamond shapes or cuts look fabulous on their own, and don't need any embellishment, but often the size of the stone, makes it unaffordable for many, so the illusion solitaire setting is popular.  This is basically a cluster ring designed to look like a solitaire ring.


example of a 4 claw set solitaire diamond ring

Cluster & Halo Setting; This setting is a very popular setting, as it can be very glamorous and showy.  Depending on the diamond shape chosen, a cluster or halo engagement ring can be more expensive than a solitaire, as they include a solitaire central stone, with a halo of diamonds surrounding the main stone, and often the shoulders too.  There are cheaper alternatives available in the cluster engagement ring section, they are usually smaller stones clustered together to simulate a larger stone.   Traditionally a cluster engagement ring would feature another gemstone, such as an Emerald or Aquamarine surrounded by a cluster of diamonds.  These styles of engagement rings are so varied, and will really depend on your partner's personal style.  

halo princess diamond engagement ringaquamarine and diamond cluster engagement ring

Trilogy Settings; This style of setting features three stones - a trio or trilogy.  They can come in different styles, such as a larger central diamond, with two smaller diamonds either side, or three diamonds all the same size. They can even be a different central gemstone, with diamonds either side.  Trilogy engagement rings are a romantic choice, as the three stones are said to represent your past, present and future together

9ct white gold diamond trilogy engagement ring

Think about your lifestyle

When choosing an engagement ring setting, it's important to consider your lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle or work with your hands, you may want to consider a low-profile setting that won't get in the way or snag on clothing. On the other hand, if you have a more glamorous lifestyle, a show-stopping halo or pave setting may be perfect for you.


What is Your Budget?

The diamond cut and setting will play a big role in determining the overall cost of the ring. Some diamonds such as pear and oval, can be more expensive, especially if they are in a halo setting, this is due to the additional diamonds and intricate design. Set a budget for your ring and work with your jeweller to find a setting that fits within your price range.  We offer lab grown diamonds, which are much cheaper than natural diamonds. Therefore you can get show stopping engagement ring at a huge discount.

So hopefully you now know a little more about the different styles available, you can choose a beautiful ring to propose with.  We would be delighted to help you pick the perfect engagement ring.  Contact us on webchat, or email us.  If you are local to Rushden, you can pop into the shop and talk to us about your options.  Most of our engagement rings that are featured on our website, are made to order.


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