Ethical & Sustainable Gold -Single Mine Origin Gold

Ethical & Sustainable Gold -Single Mine Origin Gold

Betts Metal Sales on Twitter: "Invest in Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold  through Betts Investments. Created for the 2021 launch of the second SMO  mine at Ity in Côte d'Ivoire, the Endeavour

Sustainability and ethically produced, are words that we hear often, but what do they actually mean?

At Crystelle Belle we're passionate about jewellery, and we believe that the future of our beautiful planet is in our hands right now. So, we are looking at ways we can make our industry more transparent, and eco friendly.   We are a small company in a small town, but we feel we can make a difference by using suppliers with the same ethos as us.  With this in mind, we have introduced a range of wedding rings that uses ethically and sustainably sourced gold, called Single Mine Origin Gold.

What Is Single Mine Origin Gold?


In the past, mining industries have had a negative image because of such things as ties to conflict, child labour and hazardous working conditions.

SMO gold is different because it comes from one single, responsibly run gold mine. The Yanfolila Gold Mine in Mali, West Africa is not tied to any conflict. The miners are paid a fair and just wage under secure employment. The mine is operated to the best international standards and is socially and environmentally responsible.

Every gram of gold is traced by batch right through to the finished product, in our case wedding rings!  SMO gold is segregated all the way along the supply chain, ensuring that our customers know exactly what they are purchasing.


There is only a very small percentage of gold in the jewellery industry, which is currently traceable, and it is very expensive. However, SMO gold is different because it is sold at the usual market price. As a small business this is fantastic, as it means we can supply you, our customer with SMO, without having to pay a huge premium.  

Supporting the community

The mine operators support local programmes centred on education, healthcare, safe drinking water and agricultural prosperity to support a wide number of people. For example, over £400,000 has been spent on local community projects including the installation of water supply systems benefiting over 5,000 locals.

Always fully traceable

The SMO standard provides an auditable chain of custody for every gram of gold from the mine, through the manufacturing process, to the finished product. So you can enjoy peace of mind that the metal has been produced within strict parameters of corporate, social and environmental responsibility.  With each wedding ring made, we supply you with a QR code where you can track when your gold was mined.
We are always looking for ways to improve our business, while keeping to our company values, which are telling your story through our jewellery, creating lasting memories and future heirlooms for your family!
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