Diamond or Gemstone? How to Pick the Right Stone for Your Engagement Ring

Diamond or Gemstone? How to Pick the Right Stone for Your Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, one of the biggest decisions you'll face is deciding whether to go with a traditional diamond or a colourful gemstone. Both options have their unique appeal, but how do you know which is right for you and your partner? In this guide, we'll break down the pros and cons of each and provide some tips on how to pick the right stone for your engagement ring.


18ct white gold flower diamond engagement ring

Diamonds have been the go-to choice for engagement rings for generations, and for good reason. They are known for their durability and brilliance, making them a symbol of eternal love and commitment. Here are some pros and cons to consider when choosing a diamond for your engagement ring:


  • Durability: Diamonds are the hardest gemstone and are resistant to scratches and chips.
  • Brilliance: Diamonds are known for their ability to reflect light and create a sparkling effect.
  • Value: Natural diamonds are a timeless and valuable investment.


  • Cost: Natural Diamonds can be expensive, especially if you're looking for a high-quality stone.
  • Lack of colour options: Diamonds are typically colourless or near-colourless, which may not appeal to those who prefer more colourful stones.
  • Ethical concerns: Some people may have concerns about the ethical and environmental issues associated with diamond mining.

Since the advance in lab grown diamonds, pretty much all of the 'cons' to choosing natural diamonds, are eliminated.  The main one being the cost.  Overall, lab grown diamonds are sometimes up to half the price of the natural mined diamond.  There are exceptions, for example a fancy coloured lab grown diamond may be just as expensive as a white natural diamond. 

All our natural diamonds are are guaranteed to be conflict free, and sourced from reputable suppliers.  Lab grown diamonds are also sustainable and environmentally friendly, as no mining takes place to produce them.



aquamarine gemstone engagement ring

If you're looking for a more colourful and unique option, a gemstone engagement ring may be the way to go. Gemstones come in a wide variety of colours and are a great way to add a personal touch to your ring. Here are some pros and cons to consider when choosing a gemstone for your engagement ring:


  • Colour: Gemstones offer a wide range of colours, from vibrant blues and greens to soft pinks and purples.
  • Personality: Gemstones can be chosen to represent a birthstone, a favourite colour, or a significant event.
  • Affordability: Gemstones can be more affordable than diamonds, especially if you opt for a smaller stone or a less expensive gem.


  • Durability: Gemstones can vary in hardness and may be more prone to chips and scratches.
  • Rarity: Some gemstones may be rarer than others, making them more difficult to find.
  • Value: Gemstones may not hold their value as well as diamonds, making them less of an investment.

Tips for Choosing the Right Stone

Now that you know the pros and cons of diamonds and gemstones, how do you choose the right one for your engagement ring? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Consider your partner's style and preferences: Think about what your partner likes and what would suit their personality and style.
  • Budget: Determine your budget and factor in the cost of the stone and the setting.
  • Think about durability: Consider your partner's lifestyle and occupation when choosing a stone. If they work with their hands or are very active, a durable stone like a diamond may be a better choice.
  • Look for quality: Whether you choose a diamond or a gemstone, look for a high-quality stone that is well-cut and has good clarity and colour.
  • Consider a combination: If you can't decide between a diamond and a gemstone, consider a ring that combines both. A diamond with coloured gemstone accents can be a stunning and unique option.

Choosing the right stone for your engagement ring is a personal decision, and there's no right or wrong choice. By considering the pros and cons of diamonds and gemstones and following these tips, you're sure to find a stone that reflects your love and commitment to your partner.

To find out more about gemstones, you can read all about the individual stones on our blog


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